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Why Is It Taking So Long to Ship My Car?

If you have agreed to ship your car with a specific car shipping company, and they are now telling you that it could take 4 weeks or more to get your car picked up, the most likely reason is that they quoted you too low of a price.

Auto transport companies typically quote you a price before they have a car carrier lined up to ship your car. This is because they typically have a very good idea of the going rates along a route, since they quote a lot of vehicles. In addition, only a fraction of the quotes they provide become actual orders. So, it does not make sense to line up a truck if they are not actually going to ship it. (See the post on How the Car Shipping Industry Works for more details.)

However, sometimes they may quote a price that is too low to get your car shipped in a timely fashion. This can happen when the price of fuel increases, there is a surge of shipping along a specific lane, or it is a shipping route they are not as familiar with. When that happens, they can have trouble getting your vehicle shipped for the price they quoted.

If you are in a hurry to get your vehicle shipped, you want to make sure your contract contains any specific timing guarantees you are expecting. However, if it is not in the contract that you already signed, you should contact the auto transport company to discuss your options. They may be willing to refund your deposit or make other suggestions, so that you can get your vehicle moved more quickly.

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One Response to “Why Is It Taking So Long to Ship My Car?”

  1. I think this problem happens mainly when people use lead generation services. We see many of them on Google stating things like “Get 10 Free Quotes”.
    Here at AA Auto, we do not buy leads from lead generation companies. We feel that companies who do participate in buying leads often over promise just to get the business and then end up under delivering.

  2. AA Auto Transport on May 31st, 2012 at 11:44 am

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